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Political Favoritism Coming Out Of President Obama Administration

More bullshit flows out of Washington than out of Western New York farmer’s manure spreaders.  Obama shows that he has declared war politically and is in no way trying to unite anyone in this country.  Instead he chooses to reward those who support him politically at the expense of those who did not.

This time it is over healthcare.  The healthcare system reform being pushed by the Democrats calls for new taxes to fund the system.   The average American worker is going to pay these taxes with one exception.  If you belong to one of Obama’s favorite labor unions, you won’t have to pay it until 2018. 

Once again, political corruption runs rampant.  How could you call this anything but corruption?  It is absurd to suggest that one group of citizens be made exempt from these taxes because of union affiliation.  If this were truly about negotiated wages and benefits, then it would have to apply to every single worker in America regardless of union affiliation or not. 

Every single non-union American also works for a negotiated wage and benefit package.  It is called free market capitalism.  It is not a legalized form of organized crime that unions represent.  It is illegal to extort money from people if you do it in the traditional method.  But, apparently it is legal if you do it under the guise of a labor union.

Politicians will be politicians.  How could any decent person want to become part of this loathsome bunch of hypocrites?  These guys are power mongers hell bent on taking as much power away from us average citizens as they possibly can.  As far as I am concerned, we should fire all the sons of bitches.  I think we do a better job of governing ourselves on a local level than we do on a federal one.  Fire them all and return power back where it belongs.  It belongs in our hands, not theirs.

This Obama administration is over the top with this one.  Policies like this that are obviously cut along political lines will most certainly cause unrest among the people.  I am sick of it and I am sick of all the people who think that policies like this one are somehow good for this country.  They are not.  Open your eyes.  This man is not leading this country in the right direction.  He is dividing it more than ever.  This president is causing very deep wounds in the social fabric of this nation that will take a generation to heal from.  Vote him and his entire team of “we know what is good for you” politicians out of office.

These people who elected Obama were so worried about what other countries thought about the United States.  While they were so worried that someone in Europe might not like us anymore, they elected a man who is making us hate one another.   Let history paint Barack Obama as it should; the most divisive presidential failure in our lifetime.

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