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The Stage Is Set For A rematch Between The Colts And The Jets

The Colts will host the Jets again.  This time it is for the AFC Championship though.  The Colts could have knocked off the Jets a month ago when the Jets last went to Indy.  If you remember though, the bonehead coach of the Colts decided to pull his starters and essentially throw the football game half way through the third quarter.

Can you imagine how stupid that coach is going to look if the Jets pull out a win?  He will be the bonehead of the year.  In my opinion he already is.  There is no way he should have thrown away the opportunity to go undefeated the whole way.  This team could have rewritten NFL history.  They could have set the ultimate record.

So, as much as I want Indianapolis to win this game, I won’t be completely disappointed if they lose.  At least then the Colts’ coach will be exposed for making the bonehead call of the year.  With the way the Jets’ defense is playing, anything is possible.  This is yet another reason why a team should try to win every single game and not take anything for granted.

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