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Tyrod Taylor Starting For Buffalo Bills – Here is why

When comparing EJ Manuel, Tyrod Taylor and Matt Cassel in terms of their performance, it is easy to see that both EJ Manuel and Tyrod Taylor have outplayed Matt Cassel.   It’s not even close really.   EJ and Tyrod have big play potential in them, whereas it seems that Matt Cassel is going to be limited to the dink and dunk style of football that a lot of teams do.

These preseason games tend to showcase a player’s individual physical talent at the position they play.   They do not showcase or really test the mental aspect of the player’s game.   That is the problem with just picking your quarterback based on their play in preseason.

You don’t get to see what is going to happen with the guy when an opposing coach actually tries to game plan against him.   When the other coach is game planning to take away the quarterback’s strengths and exploit his weaknesses, then you get to see the other major aspect of quarterbacking which is the mental game.

It is entirely possible, and even likely, that Matt Cassel is much better at the quarterback position from a mental standpoint.   It makes sense.   He is older and has been in the league much longer and has a lot more experience than the other two guys.

But you can’t see that aspect of the game in the preseason.   All you see in the preseason is who can make the best throw, who can make the best scramble, who can move the chains.

Based on that analysis, Tyrod Taylor is your starter.  EJ Manuel is your second quarterback.   Matt Cassel is your third stringer.

If you take into consideration the mental part of football (Mike Vick says quarterbacking is 90% mental and 10% physical) then it is entirely possible that Matt Cassel blows the other two away.

We have seen what EJ can do when other teams game plan against him.  We saw it in the 2013 and 2014 seasons.   He occasionally did well and otherwise pretty much stunk up the field.

We have seen what Matt Cassel can do when other coaches draw up game plans to take away his strengths and exploit his weaknesses.

What we haven’t seen is what Tyrod Taylor will look like when an opposing coach has game planned against his style of football.

I happen to think that Tyrod will be exceptionally difficult to prepare for.  If he plays as well in the regular season as he has played in the preseason, then he will lead the Bills to a lot of wins using a combination of his strong accurate arm and his exceptionally running skills.

The Colts defensive coordinator Greg Manusky is probably crapping his pants having to prepare for a guy like Tyrod who is that gifted in terms of passing ability and running ability and general elusiveness.   The Colts defensive line is going to get very tired chasing after him all game.

My intuition tells me that if Tyrod Taylor is up to speed mentally in the offense that Greg Roman wants to run, then he is getting a real chance to become an NFL franchise quarterback.    Maybe he succeeds beyond anyone’s wildest expectations?   Maybe he chokes and stumbles?

We won’t know until we see another team game plan against him specifically.   Bring it on.

Count me in as one seriously stoked Bills fan!

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