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Six Dollar Hotdogs

I went to see the Bills play Cleveland this past weekend.  It was the smallest crowd at the Ralph that I have seen in many years.  It is amazing how the combination of bad weather and bad football can convince even season ticket holders to stay home.  

Another thing convincing people to stay home is the price of simple things that you almost take for granted at a football game or any sporting event for that matter.   We have been bitching about beer prices for years now.  A cheap beer at the stadium is eight bucks.  You can pay more than that depending on which stand you go to and what kind of beer you want.  I think the eight dollar beer is Miller (but don’t quote me on that).

As you probably guessed by the title of this post, six dollar hotdogs, my main beef this past week was the price of a friggin hotdog.  Give me a break.  During the preseason (for kids day) the Bills sell hotdogs for a buck apiece.  During the regular season, they sell foot long dogs for six bucks.  Really!  Six bucks for a friggin hotdog? Wow how things have gotten out of whack.

At those prices it is no wonder that the lines are really (really) small for concessions.  When I started going to games twenty some years ago, the lines for beer were a mile long.  You also could not get food without a substantial wait.  People would actually pay you money to let them in line in front of you.  Now, things are different.  An awful lot of the time now, there are more workers behind the counter than there are people in line to buy concessions.

My wife and I buy a large sub from our local deli every Sunday morning before the game.  We also buy some munchies.  That stuff gets packed in a travel bag along with some beer and other adult beverages.  We typically tailgate along with some other friends and relatives before the game.  The stadium food is decent quality, but at those prices we won’t be buying too many of their concessions.

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