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Deterioration In Family Values Leads To Healthcare Legislation

political-debateI am one of those people who is very much opposed to the healthcare legislation that was recently passed through Congress.  I believe very strongly that government is incapable of providing any service for the public in an efficient manner when compared to the private sector.  I don’t want to use this post to argue that point though.  I mention this only because it is the basis for which I came up with the title and main topic of this post.  It is my assertion that the deterioration of family values in this country has led to the politics that allowed this bad bill to be passed.

Family values come into play here because the lack of these values and utter lack of moral character creates the underlying mentality that people use to pass bad bills such as this one.

Imagine a boy who grows up in a strong family value oriented household.  This kid’s father is going to want to teach his son some of the more important things he has learned in life so that his son can avoid some of the mistakes dad made.  He will teach his son ideas like “go to college so you can get a better job”, “drive that car another year until you can really afford a newer one”, “learn about computers because they are the way of the future”, “life isn’t always fair”, “take the lemons life hands you and make lemonade”, “there is no substitute for hard work”, etc.  In fact, you may have heard some of these things yourself.

Dad is going to teach him to do things that need to be done even though he doesn’t feel like doing them.  Dad is going to teach him things like, how to change the oil in his car or low to replace a light switch or how to use basic hand tools.  They may seem rather insignificant, but they aren’t.  Learning all those little lessons in life helps to make a man more autonomous.  It helps him to be a little less reliant on someone else and more self reliant. It teaches him to think for himself and focus on long term benefits of living responsibly.

This is the entire basis for my point about family values affecting political policy.  When people are self reliant, they don’t want someone else telling them how to live their lives.  They don’t want someone in Washington making a law that forces them to follow new rules for things that should be none of anyone else’s business.  He doesn’t want government doing things for him that he is quite capable of doing himself.

Look at the trends

As the family unit continues to deteriorate, you will see more and more legislation passed that tries to force people to do things that dad should have taught them to do.  If you asked your dad, he would have told you that you would be a damn fool not to have health insurance already.  In fact there are numerous people who take a job mainly because they need that insurance coverage.

As the family unit continues to deteriorate, you will see the high school graduation rates stay at ridiculously low levels.  You will see more people on welfare because nobody ever taught them to feel shame for it.  You will continue to see excessive numbers of teenagers using drugs.  More people will believe the lying politicians who tell them that it is not that person’s own fault that they are in a bad situation.  People are quick to blame someone else for their self inflicted problems.

If we are going to mandate anything in this country, it should be mandated that parents have to preserve the family unit once children are born.  Churches tried to do this for all the right reasons, but people shunned them instead of taking their good advice.

Have you noticed any correlation between the deterioration in the family unit and the increased me, me, me attitude in people?  I bet you have.  People’s own character is at fault here.   People of reasonable moral character do not need all of these bullshit government regulations to force them to live in a responsible manner.  Can’t you see that this is really the root of the problem?

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