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Weathermen miss again

When it comes to predicting the weather, I try to maintain my patience as much as possible. I understand that it is an incredibly challenging job. People aren’t going to be right all of the time. My patience is wearing thin though. I guess these guys will do anything to get you to watch television.

This is the second supposed major storm that we were supposed to get hit with this year. Both of them have been duds in my opinion. The south towns got some snow. Big friggin deal. If you live in the south towns then you expect it to snow pretty much every friggin day once winter rolls around. It is the rest of us who live outside the normal snow belt areas that actually pay attention to the winter weather forecast.

I am really beginning to believe that creating sensationalistic journalism on television is more of a motivating factor behind these weather predictions than providing accurate reporting is. I want one station, just one fricken station, to provide reasonably accurate weather forecasts instead of hyping everything up so we watch the last ten minutes of a news broadcast.

As far as I am concerned, all of the people who overhyped these last two wannabe supposed big time storms or the bosses who made them report it that way should be demoted in their professions. Put someone in charge who is going to give us as close to honest reporting as possible so we need not fret over another 2 inches of snow. For Christ’s sake people.

So now there are all of these places closed that could otherwise have been operating perfectly. Like most area schools for instance, just because some weatherman got a hard on when he saw a blue cloud on his Doppler radar map that was heading toward Buffalo.

Anyone who has grown up in the area could have told you without looking at any Doppler radar screens that it would snow hard south of the city. Whoa! That is some serious weather prediction. You schmucks.

This just goes to show what a wonderful bunch of brilliant scientists we have at our American universities teaching these guys how to fail miserably at their jobs. These same scientists think that they are qualified to predict climate change. They claim to understand it enough to blame mankind for its existence. Hey guys. How about you learn to predict the weather in Buffalo before you go telling the rest of the world that you know how to predict the weather for the entire globe. You friggin idiots.

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