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Switched over to Google Public DNS

One thing that has bothered me for some time with my internet connection is the fact that if I type a domain name wrong, Time Warner conveniently takes me to a page that shows advertisements as well as sites that they think I might have been looking for.  This has always infuriated me.


They make it out to be like they are trying to be helpful.  In fact, they aren’t trying to be helpful.  They are trying to monetize your typo by getting you to click on advertisements.  In my opinion that is just taking advantage of someone for your own profit.  I am a hardcore capitalist.  So I don’t begrudge a company its profit.  This is just idiocy though. 


It takes about 5 seconds for the Time Warner computer to return your page that shows you that you have made a typo.  This is the part that pisses me off.  Before they used to do this, you would get the infamous “Page Cannot Be Displayed” message.  But, that message would come up almost instantly when Time Warner’s DNS server found there was no such myreallybadtypo.com website.


I never considered how to fix this recently until I heard that Google was publishing a set of public DNS server addresses that anyone could use.  I changed the settings on my computer.  Holy bajesus am I pleased.


Not only do I no longer get that incredibly stupid page from Time Warner, my page load speeds have gone way up.  That means I am navigating the internet at much faster speeds than I was before.  And, it is all free.  Kick ass!  I am a huge fan of free things that actually rock!


Thank you Google.  Click on that link to see more about Google’s public DNS.


I really don’t have many nice things to say about Time Warner.  The amount of bandwidth you get is pretty good.  Their latency to some major websites is crappy.  Their DNS is crappy.  Their reliability is crappy.  I wish that FIOS would come to this neighborhood.


I like having the extra bandwidth that I get over a standard Verizon DSL connection.  But aside from that………………..

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