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Will The Buffalo Bills Be Any Good In 2013?

buffalo billsWith the amount of changes that happened this year during the off season, it is hard to imagine that the Bills will be able to put enough of the puzzle pieces into the right places in order to have a consistently successful football team.   It really is a long shot.

Think about it.

There is a new quarterback, new offensive lineman, new receivers, new linebackers, some new secondary and an almost entirely new coaching staff.   Jimmity Circkets man!  That is a lot of variables.

If any one or two of those areas is really bad, then this team as a whole could look really bad.   And, that is what I am expecting.   It isn’t what I am hoping for, but it is what I am expecting.

I was really torn with whether or not to re-buy my season tickets again this year.   I know that if the Bills come out weak in the first few games that the half empty stadium is going to be full of boo birds for the rest of the year.

That is one thing I really can’t stand.  I can’t stand all the booing.   I just want to go around and start smacking people.  And I usually have a few pops in me when I get into the game.

Booing never helps a team ever.  If someone says it does, they are lying.  It makes the players play even worse and just makes them hate you.  So why do it?  It doesn’t make you feel any better for doing it either.  That is BS too.  It just drags everyone around you down into that abyss with you.  Gee thanks..

I swear there are more whiners in that stadium than anywhere else I have ever seen in sports….well maybe except for Jets fans….they really suck.   I went to a game in Detroit when their team totally sucked.   They didn’t boo their team much at all.  The fans were just silent.

I think it is okay to whine about your team, but don’t do it at the game if you want them to win.  I sit in those stands and keep recalculating after every play exactly what it would take to win the game even when the situation seems hopeless.   When the team is down by two touchdowns and there are only two minutes left, I want them to throw Hail Mary’s on first down.   I want to see them run Hook and Ladders. I want to see them get funky.


The one strong upside to the remodeled team is that they have added a lot of speed to the team at receiver and linebacker.   I think that is a huge plus and tells me that these coaches must think about football in the same general paradigm that I do.   Speed rules baby.  It rules at all levels of football all the way from PeeWee up to the pros.   At least that is the case in certain positions.

The last two really fast linebackers the Bills had that I remember, at least they played fast on game day, were London Fletcher (whom I miss dearly) and Sam Cowart.   Never really understood what happened when either of those two left town.

Fletcher had more than just speed on game day though.  He was very good at positioning himself at the right place at the right time.   And, you could tell that he made everyone else around him better.  When he and Takeo Spikes played alongside one another, those two would be super jacked after ever tackle.  It was like watching a clip of dudes on PCP resisting arrest.   Fletcher and Spikes were freaks on the field and it was really enjoyable to watch as a fan.

I am hoping that somewhere in that locker room, some new leaders emerge who will be the face of this team and lead that crew to the Promised Land.

And hey, in this day and age in the NFL, teams can make big turnarounds even in just one year.   I am optimistic, but reminding myself to stay realistic at the same time.

Long story short….

The wife and I bit the bullet and bought our season tickets again.   So, it is going to be interesting.

With as much uncertainty as there is coming into the new season, I am still totally stoked like a kid waiting for Christmas.

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