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Thank God For The History Channel

historyActually God had nothing to do with it.  Whoever did though is my hero.  There are so many freaking cool shows on there.  If you are a history buff like I am, there is no doubt that you know exactly what I am talking about.


I love learning about World War II on there.  It reminds me of all of the cool war stories I heard from veterans that frequent the VFW post that my dad used to hang out at.  Dad is a Korean War vet.  I have uncles who fought in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.  So, I can relate to the stuff they talk about on these shows.  I have heard stories about Iwo Jima, sinking Jap submarines, the invasion of Okinawa, dancing with Betty Grable at a USO event and getting drunk all over the world.  This one Vietnam vet told me about how intense it was to be a door gunner flying over a hundred miles an hour skimming the tree tops in Vietnam in a Huey.  Cool shit huh?


The other day I was watching this debate about whether or not the Jewish people were actually militaristic when they fled Egypt.  The theory is that maybe they weren’t actual slaves but instead were kind of employed by the Egyptians to help them build their massive stone projects.  It is hard to tell how much validity there is behind that theory, but it is interesting to think about. Then they went on to speculate about how the Jewish people actually escaped the Egyptian Army.  They made more sense of it than the legend in the Bible does.


I also really like watching the show about Abraham Lincoln’s presidency.  There are so many fascinating things about that era.  Back then, you could actually walk up to the White House, knock on the door and ask to see the president.  How weird is that?  Can you imagine what would happen to presidents in this era if that was still the policy?  Pretty much every one of them since Dwight Eisenhower would probably have been whacked.  Now you can’t even send a letter to the president that will actually be read by him.  My, how times have changed.


What are your favorite shows?

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