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Hamburg Kids That Vandalized Leodis McKelvin’s Home Should Be Beat

I felt like writing a post to voice my opinion about the 2 kids that vandalized the front lawn of Leodis McKelvin. If it was my home they did that to, I would want some definite revenge. I would want to take each one of those kids one at a time and physically beat the shit out of each one until they begged me to stop and walked away crying.

I have no tolerance for this kind of crap. This is the same mentality that punks all over the city have when they spray paint buildings and signs with their less than literate punk ass poetry. Kids do this kind of crap because the consequences of getting caught are so minimal.

If you let them get away with this kind of crap when they are teenagers, what kind of crap are they going to be doing when they are twenty? Will it progress to stealing from their employer? Will they key someone’s car because that person ticked them off?

If I was the father of either of these two kids, I’d be kicking some ass and taking out an ad in the Buffalo news to make them apologize publicly for their fricken stupidity. These kids are lucky they didn’t get caught in the act. They might of got a real beating and deservedly so.

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