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Byron Brown wins Landslide Primary

I really thought that Kern had more supporters among city democrats. I guess I was wrong. The actual election numbers proved that this was never as close as any of us suspected it was.

I think Kern would have brought more common sense decision making to city politics. maybe that is an oxymoron. In any event it is immaterial now. We’ve got four more years of Byron Brown assuming he will win the general election. With the ovrepowering numbre of democrats in the city, I am sure Brown will win easily.

Regardless of how much sense a republican opponenet makes, it will be virtually impossible to overcome the growning number of democrat party line voters in the city.

The path for the city is clear. Ultimately, it will need to combine with the county to survive. Insolvency is inevitable. The mentality of the people in charge there is running the city into the ground.

Good leaders don’t do what the people necessarily want them to do. They do what must be done for the benefit of the community. If only people would focus on the long term instead of the short term.

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