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People Are Buying Gold In Anticipation Of Prices Rising

I have been buying Gold investments in anticipation of the price increases that are expected to come when all the money the Fed has printed starts affecting the everyday goods that we buy and consume. I am afraid that there is going to be a real problem in our country at some point unless the Fed begins immediately removing the excess liquidity it has pumped into the US banks over the last year. Watch this video from start to finish. It highlights my main concerns.

Now people label guys like Peter Schiff and Jim Rogers as being overly bearish on the US economy. However, these two guys predicted what was going to happen to the US economy in the financial crisis. They predicted it. They were preaching about it when everyone in California and Florida was out flipping houses. These guys said the financial crisis was eminent and unavoidable so long as our goverment and Federal reserve continued its policies of lose money.

I remember thinking these guys must be nuts because everyone was making money, the economy was soaring, unemployment was really low and there were plenty of jobs around.

Then the market collapsed. Fortunately I got out early so I didn’t get killed like everyone else. I wish in hindsight I had gone short the market. Anyway, with all the news of impending financial disaster, I began doing more research on the crisis and how it came to be. Low and behold, people like Peter Schiff and Jim Rogers were right all along. They put their own money behind waht they were saying publicly. Thats how you know they weren’t lying. They believed this would happen and it did.

Now people are warning that the crisis will persist because of the lose monetary policy of the Fed. Do your own research. make your own decision. I am inclined to believe Schiff still knows what he is talking about.

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