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Twitter is a piece of crap

twitterTwitter has got to be one of the most overused and useless pieces of crap social marketing tool ever invented.

I can’t wait to see its demise. I doubt it will ultimately fail because there are very limited legit uses for it. The legit uses for it are far far surpassed right now with every Tom Dick and Harry who wants to think they are cool because they got thousands of pretend friends out there.

These are pretend friends because very few of the people who follow you are going to actually want to read the drivel you post on there. The vast majority of twitters out there are going to get sick of it within a year when they realize that only about 5 people really give a shit what they have to say about meaningless nonsense throughout the day.

It is a lot more fun to just text back and forth with those people using a cell phone. It is way more fun than logging into your twitter account and posting two words.

Try it for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Go create an account on twitter and see how many people follow you even when you have said absolutely nothing. I experimented with it. I created an account on twitter and never bothered to promote it.

All I did was choose to follow one person on there. To this day, I get tons of emails from twitter saying that so and so is following me. Why, I ask. I made one completely insignificant comment on there and all of a sudden I have hundreds of followers. What a freaking joke.

Why would someone want to follow someone else that they don’t even know when this person has said absolutely nothing. It is a total joke. The reason people follow you is because they want you to follow them back. Yay! Let’s all pretend we are back in kindergarten playing you’re it. Yay!

Twitter is for the most part a totally useless portal for people who think they are going to somehow make it big time in social media or social marketing. Whatever. I think you could find more use out of submitting social bookmarks to some obscure Pligg site that isn’t even indexed in Google anymore.

Twitter is an utter and complete total waste of time. If I had an ownership stake in it, I would be looking to sell that POS right now. Let some poor sucker overpay for it.

People are using it to make themselves feel important. Once they realize that only 3 people out of their 80,000 followers are actually reading what they have to say, then they will quickly realize what a hunk of crap it is.

Just my two cents.  Here is an opinion of it from a guy on Youtube.   This is pretty much what I think of it.

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