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The Jets Might Be For Real

I thought that the New York Jets were a chump team after watching them play for much of the year.  But, after watching them play Sunday night against the Cincinnati Bengals, my opinion is changing.  It appears that the Jets might actually be for real.

I thought for sure that the Jets were going to blow their opportunity to make the playoffs.  Instead they blew out the Bengals in a game that Cincinnati can only refer to as a humiliating defeat.  I personally hold a very high opinion of the Cincinnati quarterback Carson Palmer.  I think the guy has all the talent in the world.  He is an incredibly accurate passer.

But, these guys were not ready even for basic blitz packages that the Jets used.  The Bengals should have been able to make the Jets pay dearly for blitzing all the time.  They never did though.  Most of the time Palmer threw a bad pass.  The times when he threw a great pass, his receivers refused to catch it.  If you didn’t know better, you might think that they were trying to lose the game.  How utterly humiliating.

Well, we shall see for sure whether or not the Jets are for real when they travel to Ohio for a rematch in round one of the AFC Wild Card playoffs.  I can’t believe that the Bengals are a 3 point favorite going into this game after having been beaten like rented mules this past Sunday.  There is no way I would touch this game from a betting perspective.  It could go either way.  Right now you would have to think the Jets have an advantage.

This Bengals team was not even close to being ready to play the Jets.  Poor coaching maybe?  That is my guess.  How could you lay an egg like this heading into the playoffs?  Is Cincinnati ever going to be really good?

They say that defense wins chamionships.  This Jets team definitely has a good defense.  They could make these playoffs very interesting.

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