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Channel 2 Recommends Spam Site

I got a good chuckle this morning.  I usually get up pretty early in the mornings.  Sometimes I turn on a national news network like CNBC.  Other times I turn on a local channel like channel 2 or channel 4.  This morning I was watching channel 2 for the weather.

I got a good laugh when they had this little segment about the internet.  Forgive me but I forget the guy’s name.  This channel 2 guy recommended that people check out Fixya.com the next time they needed help fixing something.  That made me chuckle.

If you check that site out, you will see that it is a total spam site.  The site is completely loaded with ads, mostly Google Adsense.  If you read the supposed solutions to the problems on there, you will see that for the most part these so called expert answers are super low quality pieces of crap.  In fact, it appears that the overall business model for this site is to flood the internet with highly optimized posts that provide zero value to the end user so that visitors just click on an ad to leave the page.

Has anyone ever got any good advice from this site?  I have looked at their posts numerous times to try and find solutions to various problems.  I can honestly say that there is not one time that I can recall ever finding a decent solid answer that helped me.  It is pretty much as useless as Ehow.com.  They have thousands of fluff posts about how to supposedly fix something.  But, when you visit and read the material, you realize that this so called expert is in fact a clueless bozo who knows nothing about what they speak of.

For the most part you will be let down by that site.  That is of course assuming you are a reasonably intelligent person.  I hate to bash other websites because it is not like I am providing huge value with my own.  However, this Fixya.com site is, in my opinion, a total Adsense spam site that should be pushed way down in the Google rankings because of its excessive advertising.  Notice I didn’t give them any link love from my site.

I bet they are making a killing with the Adsense though.  Good SEO + Low Value Content + Adsense = very high CTR as the visitors leave the site when they realize how useless it is.  How they ever convinced this channel 2 news guy that their site was worth publicizing as a useful tool is beyond me.  Crap, crap crap.  That site is even BBB accredited. (LOL)

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