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Team USA Defeats Team Canada in Olympic Hockey

I am proud to be an American today and proud to be from Buffalo also.  It was really nice to see the United States pull off that victory last night against team Canada in Olympic hockey.  The Canadian team was devastated.  You could tell by the looks on their faces.  That is not why I enjoyed the win.  I think Canadians are awesome. But, it does prove just how important the sport of hockey is to Canadians.

The USA team obviously lacks the offense that the Canadians and some of the other teams have.  In goal though, the USA team is really tough.  We got some absolutely outstanding goal tending from Miller.  He is making Buffalo proud. 

Team USA was outshot something like 45-22.  Still Miller refused to let the superior Canadian offense take command.

This leaves team USA in a nice position going into the medal rounds.  I am looking forward to some more outstanding American hockey.  Let’s get a few more pucks flying at the other teams’ net though.

I just hope Miller isn’t worn out when the Olympics are over.  Buffalo is in a good position to make a run deep in the playoffs this year.

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