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Easter Is Around The Corner And I Can Already Smell The Holiday Sausage

I really look forward to Easter every year.  I guess it helps that I am Catholic.  This is a big time for the year for us.  I won’t go there though.  I swear too much to talk about religion on this blog.

One thing that I look forward to every year though is the fresh Polish sausage that you can get this time of year.  There are so many good vendors around Buffalo that make the stuff too.  I usually get a little from each.  Redlinski’s holiday sausage is consistently good.  Lupas Meats inside The Broadway Market is also consistently good.  I like to visit The Broadway Market on Good Friday and load up on a couple pounds of it from each of the vendors in there.

Don’t forget your butter lamb and the fresh rye bread.  Mmmmmmm…good.

I also like to get some of that freshly ground horseradish that is ever so popular.  Then there are the jelly rolls and all the other baked goods that you can get there.  Damn I love that place this time of year.  I wish it was in a neighborhood with less crime.  Good Friday is pretty much the only time I feel pretty safe around there.  Still, it never fails that I see police walking someone out of there in handcuffs every time we go there.

It’s a real shame that the old Polish neighborhood surrounding the market has become a wasteland.  A lot of those old homes where our families used to live have been bulldozed.   If you drive down the side streets you see chicken wire on windows.  Real attractive guys.  Then there is the occasional gang graffiti that some loser teenager has decided would look good on the side of a random building.

Thank god Sloan is still a relatively tight neighborhood where neighbors kind of look out for each other.  So long as it stays that way, we will always have the Sloan market to get really good deals on Polish food.

Okay, that is about enough of me whining over how things have degraded around Buffalo in my lifetime.  There are better more positive things to think about.

Easter is the perfect excuse to get together with family and get a good drunk on.  It seems like every year is even better than the last.  The food is always good and tasty.  The weather is just starting to improve.  Flowers are starting to bloom.  The air smells fresh.  Nothing tastes better than sharing a little whiskey with your brothers on a big holiday.  What is not to like about this time of year?

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