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Nothing Beats Summers in Western NY

Nothing beats summers in Western New York even though sometimes they take a long time to get here.  Remind all those people who moved out of the area for a better job.  Remind them how good it feels to be able to sit outside sipping a beer under a shade tree on a June, July or August afternoon.   If they live pretty much anywhere south of Pennsylvania, they are going to be sitting inside an air conditioned room in front of a television or something.   Where would you rather be?

Aside from summer, who would pass up that feeling you get when the leaves start falling.  You get that feeling that football is in the air.  Hell yeah!

Remember, the only real weather threat we have to worry about around here is an occasional blizzard or ice storm. (lol) In my opinion, it sure beats having to nail a bunch of plywood over your windows when a hurricane is on its way or having to run into the basement and pray that you don’t get to find out what it is like to be Dorothy in a real life wizard of oz experience.

It is a shame that the summers go by so fast though.  If your life is anything like mine, about half way through June, every remaining weekend in the summer is spoken for between graduation parties, holiday parties, weddings and other commitments.

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