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The BP Oil Spill Is A Perfect Example of Typical American Mentality

Everybody is mad about the oil spill and rightfully so.  People’s reaction to it and the media coverage of it are ridiculous in my opinion.  All that you hear talked about on television is how people are mad at British Petroleum, how they need to be made to pay for every last lost dollar associated with the spill and how everyone who lives along the gulf coast in several states is going to be negatively affected.


Everybody acts like some evil guy working at BP knew that this drilling was going to lead to an explosion and he did it anyway.  That is utterly ridiculous.  I am quite sure that the man in charge did not think that there was going to be this massive accident.  If he did, he most certainly would have stopped the project.  There is no doubt that no one wanted to see those 11 people lose their lives.  Speaking of which, how come we don’t hear about that anymore?  All we hear about is how the leak is gushing thousands of gallons and how the government is responding to it.


It is becoming just like after hurricane Katrina where all of these people blamed the federal government for not responding faster.  They blamed the government for not somehow stopping the damage caused by the hurricane.  This is just ridiculous.  Now people are blaming the government for not stopping the oil leak.  It is as if people think that the government can wave a magic want and make everything better.  What a bunch of retards.


Governments are essentially worthless in times like this.  They weren’t designed to handle problems like this.  Nor are they capable of doing so.  Getting the government involved in this is like asking your grandmother to fix your computer when it blue screens while booting to Windows.  It is ridiculous to even ask for their help.


This whole issue is just another political football that will be used to drive a wedge deeper into American society.  People will choose sides over this issue.  How did we get so far off track as a people?  Can’t we just admit that sometimes bad shit happens?  Let’s just fix it and move on instead of worrying about who has to become a scapegoat.

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