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Watched a movie last night called Horsemen

horesemen-movieI must have misread the box when I rented this thing. I like movies that keep you guessing until the end. I was able to guess what was happening in this one about half way through it. This movie had some real potential behind the story line. For the most part, the acting was pretty good. The movie took a turn though when they decided to gross out the audience with some ridiculously disgusting graphics.

I don’t understand why Hollywood is so damn set on making movies ridiculously gory. Can’t you get your point across without making people cringe at the sight of something exceptionally grotesque? Why do you need to show someone being tortured with hooks and needles and swords?

In hindsight, it was obviously written with a teenage audience in mind. I guess teenagers won’t talk about a movie unless it shocks them in some way. I guess the easiest way to do that is to just make a scene that is more disgusting than one they have ever seen before. If it disturbs you right down to your soul then teenagers will love it.

Plus in the end of the story, they are blaming parents for why all these cruel things are happening. I guess that was their feeble attempt to try and identify with the kids watching it. How fricken lame. Don’t waste your time on this movie unless you are an immature 15 year old. My wife referred to this movie as having been one of the worst movies she has ever seen. She was actually mad after watching it.

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