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Nothing More Exciting Than Watching Womens Olympic Curling

I turned on the television during supper last night and managed to catch part of the women’s curling competition.  Being from the northern United States I actually know what this sport is.  I wonder how many kids tuning into the Olympics for the first time are going “Huh?  What the heck is curling?  Where are the dumbbells?”


Yep.  There is nothing quite like the seat of the couch action you get when watching an event like this.  It is like watching a giant shuffleboard tournament.  (I bet a lot of people don’t know what shuffleboard is either)  The girl gets on one knee and slides a giant rock down a slippery lane trying to strategically position it for points.  All the while she is yelling things like “Yep,  yep, yes, yes, yes, yep, hold, hooooooold, yep, yes, yes”  Meanwhile two other girls are alternate between furiously sweeping miniscule debris away in front of the rock as it heads toward its target.  Sometimes they sweep like madmen and other times they just fake like they are going to do it.


What a concept is sports.  Who invented this thing anyway?


My wife was watching it with me.  The United States was competing against the Janpanese.  When the Japanese girl went to launch her rock I wondered if she would start yelling “Hai, hai, hai, hai” instead of yes.


The other thing I found very strange was the names of the women on the Japanese team.  They had Americanized first names like Amy and Moe.  Seems like some Europeans have been doing some breeding in that part of Japan.


I felt inspired to throw my own two cents in about the Olympics when I read about Paul Buckley’s post about the Olympics.

I kind of like the extra coverage of Lindsey Vonn.  I guess I am just a pig with raging hormones who likes to see hot looking women on television.

I agree about the rain though.  How disappointing is it to have a rainy winter Olympics?  The rain has already influenced a number of outcomes.  It is a shame that weather plays a factor in some of these competitions like the biathlon.

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