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Reaction to the terrorist attempt attack attempt on Christmas Day

airplaneThis terrorist attack attempt that we saw happen in Detroit on Christmas Day should reaffirm every American’s commitment to winning the war against terror.  It is evident that these no good terrorist sons of bitches are never going to stop trying to kill people that have done nothing to them in this lifetime.  Tell me.  What exactly did America do to this Nigerian S.O.B. who wanted to blow himself and everyone else on that plane to smithereens?


How is the United States and the rest of the world supposed to prevent these types of things from happening?  It is so damn easy to travel from country to country.  Can you imagine how bad it would be if the United States were on the same land mass as Africa?  Terrorists from the Middle East could ride here on their camels or in the back of their white Chevy pickups with gun turrets on the back.   At least they would be easier to spot.


As far as I see it there are really only three options here.


1)      All people of the world have to come to accept and respect differences in religion, thus becoming tolerant of religious differences. (How the hell is that going to happen?)

2)      Tolerant religions have to eradicate the intolerant ones from the earth (which in turn makes the tolerant ones become non-tolerant). It is a paradox.

3)      One intolerant religion has to take over the world and enslave or kill everyone else.


What other options are there really?  With modern technology it is way too easy for small groups of terrorists to wage war on a massive scale against the rest of the world.  Every year it becomes easier for them.  We have truly entered a new era.  The time has come when peaceful nations like ours are forced to exert brutality, unwillingly, against other intolerant people of the world in order to preserve our own existence for future generations of Americans that we hope will grow up to be tolerant.


Maybe someday mankind will reach a point where it can release this kind of energy by competing with one another for colonizing outer space instead of fighting senselessly over religion.  God help us if we can’t reach that point.

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