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Fans Have A Right To Be Losing Patience With EJ Manuel

In my opinion fans have a right to be losing patience with EJ.

We are led to believe by the coaching staff and GM that this EJ kid is going to be good.  We just have to be patient.

And now with new offensive weapons he should look even better.  And now in his second year he should take a big step forward.   Everything out of the Bills organization is positive on EJ.  Everything out of Marrone is positive.  Everything out of the EJ lovers is excuses about how it’s always someone else’s fault a certain play sucked.   It is the receivers fault…lol…It is the O line’s fault….lol….  Really, EJ is really good…he is just pretending to be bad at this game….

And with every opportunity we get to see EJ play we are still waiting for that time where we can honestly say he played good or at least good enough.   And  we keep waiting….and we keep waiting….

oh we aren’t giving him enough time…..oh we aren’t giving him enough reps…..oh he just needs more time….trust us…he is going to be a great one….

Okay fine…but for every game he sucks in…shouldn’t he at least start showing us 1 or more games he is good in?     Or if you are going to praise him for having a good series here and there, then let’s measure his number of good series against bad series shall we?   Or at least number of good plays versus number of bad plays…

So far he has not broken even on any of them…….not even close…..Fans have every right to question this guy and the decision to go all in on him……

But EJ lovers say it is unfair to question him at this point….gimme a friggin break……

Good games vs. sucky games….chalk this past one up in the suck column….

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