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Bills Vs. Jets 9-22-2013 Bills Worst Offensive Performance Ever

buffalo billsWas the Bills game today really the Bills’ worst offensive performance ever?   Okay, maybe not.  But, man it felt like it at times.

The Bills won the turnover battle by 2 and played against a Jets team that had 20 penalties called against them.   And still they lost.   And it’s not like they barely lost.   The Bills had no business being in that game in the fourth quarter.   It should not have been that close of a score.   The Jets should have easily blown this one wide open.

It is apparent to me, especially after today’s game, that E.J. Manuel is not the savior the Bills have been looking and hoping for.   Is he going to be a total bust?  I don’t know yet.   But, man it sure seems like it is heading that way.

Last week I was ready to bench Manuel.  Then he goes and has that terrific game ending drive and wins the game.   So, I cut him some slack.  I thought to myself, maybe I am just not giving this guy enough of a chance.

At halftime today I found myself screaming at the TV that the guy is a bum.   Why didn’t they put Jeff Tuel in for the second half?   Are they really that married to Manuel?  I guess they must be.

Don’t get me wrong.   I don’t think that Jeff Tuel would have done anything miraculous.   But the Jets were just begging the Bills to beat them.   The Jets kept giving the Bills a second chance and a third chance and a fourth chance on drives that should have ended in a Bills 3 and out.   The penalties kept the drive alive for the Bills again and again and again.

But the lowly Bills couldn’t complete a pass.  E.J. was throwing balls out of bounds.   He was running out of bounds for a loss (counts as a sack).   Heck, I think half the sacks he had today were his own damn fault.

I thought this guy was supposed to be a gifted runner?   Still waiting to see that.

If he is such a gifted runner and has such a gifted deep ball, then why the hell don’t we see it?   What are you waiting for?

I’m sorry but I am sick of waiting around for this team to get good.

Yes the Bills are vastly improved on defense.  Even thought the stats from today don’t make it look that way, the Bills defense did stop drives consistently and manage to create a couple turnovers.   I am thoroughly impressed with the defensive coaching staff and what they have been able to do with this roster.   I am quite sure the Bills will be looking for a new defensive coordinator within a couple years because Pettine is going to be a head coach if he wants it.   I can’t see how he hasn’t been offered the job somewhere yet.   He has proven himself beyond doubt as far as I am concerned.

So the Bills got way better on defense but now completely suck on offense.   Nice…….

Can you imagine how good the Bills would have been last year or the year before if only they had this defense back then?

We might have actually made the playoffs.

Playoffs?  What are those?  I’ve heard they exist, but I can’t say that I have ever seen one.

sad-faceJust kidding.  Yeah, I remember what it was like to be a powerhouse in the AFC back in the glory years of the early 90’s.   Man do I miss those football teams.

We used to get drunk after games to celebrate.  Now we get drunk to commiserate.

Sad Bills fan out….

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