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Obama Speech About Sending 30,000 Troops To Afghanistan

I felt obligated to post a few words about mister Obama’s speech to the West Point Academy cadets Tuesday night.

Is there any doubt that this guy should not be commander in chief? How can the commander in chief of the entire United States military arsenal put his army to sleep with his boring drivel? This was completely unbelievable.

The president spent more time playing politics than he did trying to get any real point across. He was constantly covering his ass regarding any questions that anyone has asked recently about his conduct of the war. What a joke of a leader. This speech was all about him and his political career. It was not about those fine young men and woman in the audience (some of whom will likely die under his command fighting a war that this president is completely unfit to lead). How disgraceful to the office of the president.

Get him the hell out.

He completely lacks the ability to stir emotion in his own troops. Had he served in the military, he certainly would not have made any significant rank. He is obviously out of place in a setting like that and should choose to never address the troops in such a manner ever again. He is obviously a giant pussy.

Why did you fricken meat heads vote for this schmuck? He is an embarrassment to the United States military. He is going to spend taxpayer dollars to the point where we cannot afford to pay them back. What the hell did you actually expect him to accomplish? Do you really think this country is better off with this yo yo in office?

Say what you want about George Bush. At least he was a real leader. He went against popular opinion because that is what leaders do. Not like this shirt and tie Obama schmuck. Barack Obama is more concerned about covering his political ass. He is just another typical politician who only cares about his own power. He is unfit to lead this powerful military in a time of war.

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