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Drunk Driver after Bills Game vs Cleveland

I was at the game with a friend on Sunday and drove past the scene of the crime. It was ugly. There were ambulances everywhere and police all around. It looks like this kid really screwed up. Channel 7 had a pretty good report on it.

This Brandon McLean kid is in serious trouble for this. What a retard this kid is. He has ruined the next god knows how many years of his life. Damn fool. All just because he got drunk and could not control himself.

Now we all have done stupid things at 19 that involved alcohol. But not running people over with a vehicle. I feel bad for the person who bought the alcohol. They are going to be in court also. They are going to be sued for personal injury right along with the McLean kid. Both the alcohol buyer and this Brandon kid are going to be in the poor house for many years to come. Can you say bankruptcy?

This will be a public announcement to people in their early twenties who party with kids that are too young to legally drink. If you buy minors alcohol, this could happen to you.

I can see all the local personal injury lawyers salivating at a chance to get a piece of this pie. You can bet that those lawyers will find some way to blame Ralph Wilson stadium for this too. They will be sued too. Did I mention I hate lawyers. Fricken vultures. Leeching off society.

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  1. Its sick how there will be many sucking at the tit of this accident. Its because of stuff like that accident that you will never find me around a Bills game, at least not as a paying customer.
    Safety and comfort of my own home.
    Really though for all the drunkeness that goes on there, Im surprised it doesnt happen more.
    Dave, you really need a contact page and a sidebar with links to other blogs/pages, I will have to add you to my sidebar. http://www.buffaloboymike.com
    Buffalo Boy

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