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Buffalo gets its first decent snowfall of the year on December 1 2009

People are shocked to hear that Buffalo got its first snowfall of the season on December 1st this year.

I can’t believe we made it all the way to December first without any snowfall. This is unbelievable. I usually look forward to the snow to cover the ground in mid November. That makes it a lot easier to see and track the deer when you are deer hunting. Plus I hate having a green Christmas.

We have had green Christmases before. They aren’t as much fun. What is the point of living in an area that gets so much snow if you cannot have it for the holidays? I think it was some pope who decided that Christmas should be celebrated on December 25th. Jesus’ actual birthday was in late winter or early spring I think. Most people don’t know that. It was a church leader who decided we should celebrate it on December 25.

I wish they had chose January 25th or February 25th instead. Then we would always have a white Christmas. Plus, we could look forward to all the snow melting soon after Christmas. The way it is now, Christmas just reminds us that the snow is going to be with us for another few months.

It is easy to enjoy the snow right up till about New Years day. After that everyone around here can’t wait for it to melt and go away. Unfortunately, we are just getting started with it at that point. Most of the major snowfall comes during January and February.

With it being warm up till now, we are also at risk for major lake effect snow storms blowing in from Lake Erie. During years when the lake doesn’t freeze until later it usually ends up being more snowy than normal. This is a real possibility this year.

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