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Completely Worthless Analysis of The Unemployment Figures

The chairwoman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers is Christina Romer.  She was interviewed on CNBC this morning regarding the recent jobs numbers and unemployment data.

The unemployment rate is lower because people have given up looking for work, not because they have been put back to work.  Yet, the Whitehouse tried to spin this like it was somehow positive for the country.

CNBC Article

Romer was encouraged by the down tick in unemployment.  Really?  You are encouraged that people have given up looking for work?  Ahh.. I see.  The Obama plan of economic recovery involves waiting for people to become hopeless in their search for a job so that they choose an alternative approach like retirement.  Great idea guys!  Woo hoo!  What a concept.

What a bunch of idiots. 

This Romer lady is ridiculously incompetent and totally reinforces the accusation that this cabinet is an incompetent one.  When was the last time that the President’s cabinet was populated with this level of total incompetence?  She needs to get the boot along with most of the other cabinet members.

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