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The City Of Buffalo Is So Dirty It Pisses Me Off

garbageI had to go to the west side of Buffalo today on business.  I was driving down Grant Street which happened to be littered quite badly with broken glass and other garbage.  I guess that explains how I got a hole in the side of my passenger’s side rear tire. 

I know that this kind of thing just happens.  It just pisses me off that the city is so damn dirty that this kind of thing is more common than it should be.  I wish the scumbags who are responsible for littering and turning that part of the city into a shit-hole would grow up and act like adults.  Pick up after yourself you worthless shitheads.

Take some friggin pride in your neighborhood for Christ’s sake.   Just look at what has happened to the majority of the city over the last fifty years.  All those old neighborhoods where families used to live in tight communities have been neglected by the people living there.  The gangs and scumbags have taken over a lot of those neighborhoods.  Those neighborhoods all look like ghettos now.

It really doesn’t matter which side of the city you are on either.  Every side has its own shit-hole.  Some are bigger than others.  Still, the vast majority of people who actually give a shit about their property have moved farther and farther out to get away from it all.

When you are driving around the city pay attention to the condition of the vehicles.  Notice how many dents you find in the vehicles.  Accidents happen, but they happen a lot more frequently in the city.   I think that a lot of that stems from the same carelessness that you see in the housing.

The city’s solution is to bulldoze the old homes and make way for new housing.  Do you really think that is the fix though?  Isn’t the long term fix really to somehow get people to start caring about their own environment?  Let’s see how those new housing developments that have been government funded end up in a few more years.  Maybe these residents do care and will take better care of those homes.  There is also a good chance that those people will be driven out of the city just like their predecessors.

I don’t have any idea how the city intends to go about attracting people to live there who actually care about their environment.  One drive around the city’s limits will change their minds.  It is a real shame that you can find hundreds of thousands of people living in a region who couldn’t give a shit about their neighborhood.

If I saw a plastic bottle or broken glass on the street in front of my house, I would pick it up.  I wouldn’t leave it for someone else because I know that nobody else is going to pick it up.  As far as I am concerned the city of Buffalo has become one giant garbage dump.  Carelessness breeds more carelessness.  I wonder if we will ever get to be the caliber of an area that will ever produce another United States president.  It doesn’t look like it at the rate we are going.  Isn’t it amazing how so much can change in just a couple generations?

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