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Blogging can be a chore at times

I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I last had something to say on this blog.  I didn’t create this blog as a way to build a loyal readership.  I created it more as a way to vent in public where occasionally someone would hear what I had to say.  It has served that purpose quite well.

In any event, I feel like I need to post here from time to time just to let people know that I haven’t abandoned it.  I work really long hours.  As a result, there are many times I just get too bogged down to spend any time here.  On another note:

Welcome home Todd

I thought I would take a minute to welcome home a guy that has been serving our nation overseas.  His name is Todd and he runs a blog called TMtips.com.  Todd is a good egg.  You can read about his adventures in Iraq as well as his online business material on his blog.  He is not a bullshitter either.  His information is genuine.

Glad to see him come home in one piece.  I can only imagine how happy his family is to see him.  Thanks to guys like him, the rest of us can go about our daily lives and bitch about politics.

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