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139 Pot Plants Confiscated in Newfane

marijuanaThe stupidity of the local weed farmers never ceases to amaze me. I can’t imagine why someone would think that they are going to get away with raising their own crop of marijuana like this. Is it really worth going to jail over?

The police use infrared cameras to spot the plants. Once the plants reach a certain size they stick out under an infrared camera like a sore thumb. Could you get away with planting one or two? Yeah probably, especially if you plant them near pine trees that emit the same signature as the weed does. But 139? Dude, you are going to get caught. It is only a matter of time. Dumbass.

How sad is it when somebody has to have their weed that bad that they are willing to risk going to prison for years? He got caught with scales too. It’s going to be hard explaining that one to the judge. These guys have to be wake and bakes, because only a stoned person would have the balls to think that they wouldn’t get caught. This year it was 139. Next year it would have been 200.

Doesn’t this guy ever hear the news of the other local ganja farmers getting busted? Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Dey won’t catch me, derrrrrrrrrrr. Huh,huh,….Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. My weed is hidden too well. Derrrrrrrrrrrrr. Dey will never find it down by da creek…..Derrrrrrrrrrr.

The guy has got to be a total fricken spent bowl.

Somebody needs to tell these guys that there is just as much money in organic vegetable gardening.

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