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Bullying Has Been A Hot Topic Lately In Buffalo Media As Well As National Media

local bully kidAll of this talk about stopping bullying is nonsense.  It is just plain nonsense. It is a perfect example of the way that America’s mentality has changed over the years.  Where in the hell do people get the idea that they are going to be able to stop bullying?  It makes me insane.

Kids will be kids.  When an adult catches them acting in a manner that is inappropriate like bullying, then yes they ought to put a stop to it.  Anyone who doesn’t stop it is a sorry excuse for an adult if you ask me.  I really don’t think we need any laws or any new formal policies to handle something that is so ridiculously common and so common sense.

People think that common sense can be legislated through some kind of law or some kind of official policy.  Really?  How stupid do you have to be to be to actually believe that?

You can’t make me “not” dislike someone by passing some friggin law.  You cannot make one kid like another one because of some school policy.  It isn’t going to happen.  You people who think that it will make a difference should all be put into a room where I can come in and belittle all of you like a big bully.  I can come in and call you the names you deserve to be called by being whiny little babies.

You don’t think it’s fair that your kid has to learn to cope with the basic realities that life is not all hugs and kisses.   Kids are going to be mean and nasty to each other when nobody is looking.  Teach your kid to deal with it.  There are far worse things that are going to happen to them in life than this.

How To Stop Bullying

If your child is being bullied, you should call the school principle and voice your concerns to them.  Tell him or her that you are teaching your kid how to kick the other kid’s ass.  Let them know that you are giving your kid the green light to do it too.  Tell them that you are no longer requiring your kid to just sit and take it.

Tell your kid that the next time this bully acts out against him that he should tell the bully that this is his last chance to stop.  Of course the other kid won’t.  So then your child should go punch the other one directly in the face repeatedly as fast and as hard as possible.  That will shut the other kid up.  Bullies have a tendency to back down when someone actually challenges them.  When your kid goes apeshit on the bully he is going to earn newly found respect from everyone in his class.  That will give him back all the self esteem plus some that he has let the bully take from him up till now.

The Big Picture About Bullying

The fact that there is such bad bullying happening today is due to the fact that parents do not raise their kids with as many moral standards as they used to.  Kids used to be brought up going to church and being taught not to do things like bullying.  These days less and less kids are going to church.  It is not so much the fact that they don’t go to church.  Not going to church is just a reflection of the fact that kids’ manners have been moved lower in the average parent’s priority scale.  Kids are more spoiled than ever before.  By their own parent’s example they are being taught that material things are extremely important.  They simply aren’t being taught to respect each other the way they should be.  That is the root of the problem.

So now you want to blame the bully’s parents right?  Yeah.  Well it is their fault.  But, it is also your fault for not doing enough to make sure that your school teaches moral values to kids in addition to reading, writing and arithmetic.  You have not done enough to let your lawmakers know that having kids taught moral values in school is important to you.  You continue voting for people who think that all morality should be taken out of schools completely.  It is as much your own damn fault as it is anyone else’s.  Stop electing the piece of crap liberals who think kids should not be exposed to moral teachings in school.

You want bullying to stop for your kid?  Send them to one of the great local area Catholic schools.  Those schools still believe that common values and respect for fellow man should be taught as part of any responsible school curriculum.

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