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The Ultimate Tool For A Sales Manager Is A Conference Call Service

If you manage a group of sales people who are assigned different territories, I have an idea that you might be interested in.  Usually when you are in a meeting with your team there are some good ideas that pop up.   Some of these ideas get implemented right away.  Some ideas fall through the cracks or never end up getting shared with other sales people. There is a better way to conduct your meetings where this type of thing becomes a thing of the past.  You can conduct your meetings via a recorded conference line.


Imagine conducting your meetings on a monthly basis where every one of your sales people can attend.  It doesn’t matter what part of the country or what part of the world they are in.  They can call in and be brought up to speed on whatever is going on.  You might already do something similar to this.  Here is the big advantage though.  If you use a good conference call service, those meetings are all recorded. 


The teleconferencing service I use records the whole thing for me and makes it available online for as long as you use their service.


If one person missed the meeting, they can listen to it later.  If there is anything that people are unclear about, they can replay the meeting a second or third time.  The entire meeting can be replayed again and again.  Can you see the value in this? 


You and I both know that your best sales people are revealing little nuggets of top quality information during your regular conversations with them.  What if that information could be captured for the rest of your sales staff to listen in on?  Wouldn’t that help those other less experienced guys get much better at their craft?  You bet it would.


A lot of managers and small business people out there don’t know that this kind of tool is available.  It has been around for a little while now.  You don’t need to be really tech savvy to conduct a meeting this way either.  It is really easy to learn how to use a simple control panel to adjust any settings you want for your particular needs.


Once you do it once, you’ll see that it really is a nifty tool.  It is the perfect way to capture and preserve all the little ideas that reveal themselves when having a meeting with your sales staff.   I highly recommend you give it a shot.  I went with the service that I use because I heard they were reliable.  I know there are free ones out there.  I just didn’t want the headaches that inevitably come along with using a free service.  In my opinion, it is worth it to pay a few bucks for the increased reliability.

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